Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grandmothers Crochet

Here is a picture of a tablerunner that my Grandmother made.  She was born around 1886 and was 40 years old when she had my Father. Her oldest child and 44 when she had her 2nd child.  Wow!  That must have been quite a surprise.  She had started a crocheted bedspread but never completed it.  I ask and friend in TX to please make something from the pieces.  She made 4 tablerunners.  One for each of my siblings.  It is a real treasure.  She use to make crocheted gloves to sell.  Can you image the time it would take to crochet gloves to fit someone?  I am amazed.  Too bad I do not like to crochet.  Oh well, maybe my daughter will inherit her greatgrandmothers talent

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  1. My Italian grandmother (nunna) made all the girls in the family a set of crocheted doilies before she passed.

    She used to send me to the store to buy more balls of cotton crochet thread.

    Towards the end she was tired but she just had to finish the last of the sets! She did it from memory - no pattern.

    I used to crochet with her (she taught me) and long after until quilting took over my life :-)

    I have several displayed around the house and the rest put away. Remind me to show you them when you come for bee.

    Since I have boys who just roll their eyes when I show them things like that I'm hoping for a granddaughter that will enjoy them.

    Thanks for bringing back that nice memory!